Intraco Glycomix 5.0

  • Provides protection against extreme hot weather conditions and help achieve early pregnancy
  • Best formulation to provide strength required near delivery and increase milk production afterwards.
  • Gain in peak production capacity by 1 to 2 liters daily
  • Vital source of energy in nutritional regime
  • Protects from various diseases and weakness after delivery


  • 25 Kg

Intra Toxinbind Xpro

  • Keep your herd health and energetic by boosting immunity.
  • Proven solution to protect the animals from toxic elements.
  • Prevents blood absorption of toxins present in the feed.
  • Highly effective against fatal Aflatoxin as well as other poisonous toxins.


  • 25 Kg


General Serving

20-25 gram per animal daily
OR 1 Kg per 1 MT feed

During Disease or Threat

35 gram per animal daily
OR 1½ Kg per 1 MT feed

Under Serious Conditions

45-50 gram per animal daily
OR 2½ Kg per 1 MT feed

Dairy Premixes


  • Increase in milk production
  • High quality milk
  • Increased productive life
  • Balanced minerals and proteins in body


  • Increased chances of timely pregnancy
  • Protection for abortion
  • Ease in delivery
  • Healthy births


  • Boost in immunity
  • Perfect digestive system and balanced feed intake
  • Strong bones and teeth
  • Protection from milk fever



  • A
  • D3
  • E

Trace Elements

  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Manganese
  • Iodine
  • Cobalt
  • Selenium

Macro Minerals

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Sulphur


Top Dress Pallet

Dosage: 120-150 grams

Dairy Premix 100

Dosage: 100-120 grams

Dairy Premix 0.3

Dosage: 50-70 grams


  • High quality, high concentration 72% organic protein outclasses other expensive protein supplements.
  • Reduces protein cost per unit in nutritional regime.
  • Contains special quality amino acids present in other expensive protein sources
  • Increase dry matter intake in animals due to unique irresistible aroma and addictive nature


  • 8% of total concentrate feed


  • 25 Kg

Lurectron Flybait

Amazing solution containing unique and highly active ingredients for absolute removal of flies and other insects.


  • Mix 100 gram Flybait in 30 ml water to cover 45 square meters area.
  • Once mixed, leave the mixture of few hours to get settled.
  • Apply the mixture with brush on flies hideouts or concentrated areas.
  • Application area should not be reachable by children or animals.
  • 400 gram grains of Flybait are sufficient to cover 180 square meter flooring.


  • 25 Kg

Hi-7 the Professional Disinfectant

Highly effective against harmful bacteria, molds, algae and viruses.


  • Spray: Spray 1 liter of solution over 3 square meter
  • Foaming: Use similar ratio as of spraying
  • Fogging: Mix 1.5 liter Hi-7 with 3 liter water to cover 1000 square meters
  • Footbath & Wheel Disinfection: 25% – 1%


  • 5 Liters